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The word was just below a whisper, yet in sixteen-year-old Reith's ears, it rang louder than he could have ever imagined. Reith had his life in order: apprentice under his mentor, Master Chronicler Vereinen, and follow in his footsteps. Until a shadowy figure appeared in his village, burning everything to the ground, including Reith's future. Now Reith's mentor is missing and Reith is on the run from the mysterious Shadow.

Reith adventures through magical forests, ancient ruins, and the lands of prejudiced elves to find his mentor, learn the secret of his sword and unravel the mystery of the Shadow. Will Reith discover the truth or will the Shadow continue to fall over all of Terrasohnen?

Midwest Book Review
"The result is rich in description, solidly based on strong coming-of-age experiences based on the protagonist's evolving new sense of his place in a much-changed world, and fast paced enough to bring readers along on a fine passage to a revised purpose where the clash of opposing forces is only one aspect of Reith's journey and growth.
Fantasy collections catering to young adults who appreciate both action and psychological inspection will find Shadow and Sword a compelling introduction to a series."

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N. K. Carlson (1993-currently alive, thank you very much) is a writer living in Texas. He is originally from Libertyville, IL. He has a B.S. in Business Management from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and a Master of Divinity from Logsdon Seminary.

While in college, he began his first novel, which he soon abandoned. Then he began another, which again was quickly abandoned. In seminary, he began a third novel. It also was discarded. In 2017, he began a fourth novel. He finished it.

His final semester of college, he was signed up for a class on the Protestant Reformation. The class was cancelled. He needed the credit hours and the only class that fit his schedule was Introduction to Poetry. Enrolling in this class set him on the path of poetry writing.

He has three books out. The Things That Charm Us, The Smelly Gospel, and Shadow and Sword, which is Book 1 of The Chronicles of Terrasohnen. 

In addition to writing, he is a musician and enjoys spending time with his wife, Haley, and their sons. He writes regularly at

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The Bible can be hard to understand. But what if we told you the key to understanding the Bible was your nose? It turns out the Bible is full of sensory imagery, including a plethora of smells! Join Drew Doss and N. K. Carlson as they take a deep dive into the smelly world of the Bible to bring a better understanding of the Gospel.

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The Things That Charm Us is a collection of short stories, poems, and essays by N. K. Carlson. Pick up your copy today! 


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